Yuriy Syromyatnyk, Beyond the Lot

Get a closer look at VPA’s October Employee of the Month

Hartford valet attendant, Yuriy Syromyatnyk, is the type of employee you want on your team. He was born in the Western Part of Ukraine in 1985 where he spent his childhood and the early part of his adult life. During his childhood, Yuriy enjoyed playing soccer, going to school and learning new things. He eventually took a liking to computers, and enjoyed spending time programming computers and various databases.

Yuriy graduated from Oriana High School in the Ukraine in 2002. He continued his education at the National University of Lviv Polytechnic for Metrologists, which; he explained, has nothing to do with the weather. Metrology is the study of measurement science, more specifically, the measurement of electricity comparing it to an American Electrical Engineer. He attended the University until 2008 when he left to come to the United States in 2009.

Yuriy  first resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for approximately two months. During that period of time he made a living by working construction. He eventually moved with his wife Olga to live with her sister in South Windsor, Connecticut. Yuriy applied to and was hired by Valet Park of America at Hartford Hospital in September of 2011. He indicates that he has learned many things working for VPA and he enjoys the people he works with.

He moved to Manchester, Connecticut where he continues to live with his wife. He currently attends Manchester Community College as well as Capitol College in Hartford where he is completing his general studies. He hopes to soon transfer his studies to Southern Connecticut State University where he plans to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Yuriy continues to enjoy the sport of soccer. He likes watching movies, going out to restaurants and sharing a couple of “Amstel Lights” with his friends. His favorite American food is “Buffalo Wings.” Yuriy plans on remaining in the United States of America, but hopes to someday live in a “Big City.”

As an employee, Yuriy is your “go to guy.” In October of 2012 he was respectfully named VPA’s October Employee of the Month. He is the type of employee that doesn’t work hard to receive praise but naturally has the dedication to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Yuriy’s co-worker that nominated him, Johnny Inthaphiou, submitted a very impressive nomination. He wrote, “Coming to this country with his wife supporting each other professionally and through their education, his motivation never falters, his mood is never swayed towards negativity. In my eyes as well as many others, Yuriy is the ultimate professional. Always willing to stay later or change his shift to facilitate site needs… Yuriy doesn’t just make it a pleasure for patients when they meet him during the duration of their stay in the hospital but he also improves the morale of the workers when they get to witness his never faltering work ethic.”

We are very proud to have Yuriy on our team and to award him Employee of the Month. His dedication to the customers and delivering a great service day after day makes him well deserving of this award. Great job, Yuriy!


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