VPA Implements New Hire Orientation

VPA’s Human Resources team recently revamped the way we train new employees. With the high volume of hiring we do in the Springfield and Hartford areas, we began inviting new hires to our Corporate Office in Springfield for a first day orientation. The main difference between the new orientation-style training and our old method is that it is done in a group setting, rather than one-on-one with a VPA Trainer. This helps to build camaraderie among our newest employees, and allows them to establish a relationship with their new coworkers right from the start. Coming to the Corporate Office also gives the new hires a chance to interact with our Administrative Staff, whom they typically would not meet in person while working out in the field, but will correspond with them over the phone throughout their employment.

All new hires are also administered a Welcome Packet, which contains company information and history, a copy of our Newsletter, and our Policy Manual. We are very excited to have successfully implemented this new form of training, and the initiates enjoy the opportunity to share their Day One learning experience with other newcomers.

Welcome, VPA New Hires!

Springfield and Hartford Area New Hires with HR Director Tim Duval at an orientation session:
(L to R) Tim, Musa, Addison, James, and Sergio.

**We are still hiring in both Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT! If you are interested in joining our team, apply for a position online at http://www.valetparkofamerica.com. We hope to see you at our next Orientation!**


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