A Succesful Benefit for Tony D’Amico!

Tony D’Amico has been a VPA employee since 2007. If you are from the Worcester, MA area you may know him as the Honey Farms Lot Attendant. Tony is welcoming and always has a smile on his face as he waves in the cars at the lot. He has a strong work ethic and is always ready to go beyond his daily responsibilities.

The one and only Tony D'Amico with his girlfriend Kelly Goodwin

The one and only Tony D’Amico with his girlfriend Kelly Goodwin.

Recently Tony was diagnosed with Oral Cancer. He continued to work while undergoing treatment so he could keep up with his medical bills. Despite this you never hear him complain. When management found out about the battle Tony was now facing they were eager to help. Joyce Cote, Memorial Hospital Valet Manager, and Pattie Bartoli, Memorial Hospital Administrative Support, were quick to respond. To help ease the financial stress due to his medical debt, the two decided to throw a benefit for Tony. VPA shuttle driver, Curly Blevins, who also manages at Rivalry’s Sports Bar and Pub in Worcester, MA donated Rivarly’s to hold the benefit. Joyce and Pattie cooked up all of the food for the event. Local restaurants, friends, and families donated prizes for the Chinese raffle. Neil Langevin, a VPA employee and DJ of Royal Prestige Music Service, donated his DJ service for the night. (Check out his DJ company here http://royalprestigemusicservice.com/.)

Tony Benefit

What a nice photo of Tony, his family, and organizer of the event, Joyce Cote!
Left to Right: Tony’s son, Matt D’Amico, Tony’s sister, Adele Martel, (behind) Adele’s husband, Roland Martel, Tony D’Amico, Tony’s girlfriend, Kelly Goodwin, Tony’s step-mom, Gloria D’Amico, and Memorial Valet Manager, Joyce Cote

Thank you to all who came to the benefit to show your support of Tony!

Thank you to all who came to the benefit to show your support for Tony!

There was also a raffle held before the benefit raffling Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox tickets. Kevin Black, Valet Manager of Hartford Hospital won the first prize, Patriots tickets. Kwabena Osafu, a Worcester Valet Attendant won second place, Celtics tickets. Chris Goodwin of Worcester, MA won Red Sox tickets.

Pattie Bartoli, and Joyce Cote at the benefit. Great job putting it together!

Pattie Bartoli, Tony’s son Matt, and Joyce Cote at the benefit. Great job putting it together!

The raffle and benefit was a success, raising over $2,000 to help take some financial stress away from our amazing lot attendant, Tony D’Amico. Tony and his family were very appreciative for the management team taking the initiative to help him out during this difficult time. The following was left on VPA’s Facebook page from Tony the day after the event, “A very special thank you to all who attended the benefit for me Sunday afternoon.  It was great to see everyone.  Joyce and Patti, what can I say!  Great job I really appreciate all you both did.  To the DJ, a great job and great mix of music enjoyed by all.  Curley Blevins, thank you for the use of your establishment and your donations to the raffle.  Jeff and Paul thank you for working with me on my schedule.  A great week to all!”

Thank you to all of those involved in planning the night and organizing the raffle, a special thanks to Joyce and Pattie. It was a fun night to raise money and celebrate a great employee!

Great job on the food!

Great job on the food!


Tony’s step-mom, Gloria, with Tony’s son, Matt, at the benefit.


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