A Summer On Nantucket Island

As spring winds down and the days get warmer, VPA prepares for the beginning of another great season on Nantucket Island, “The Faraway Island”. Between the long history, beautiful beaches, luxurious dining, and the quaint streets, this New England treasure is the place to be in the summer. We will be setting up our valet station downtown starting on June-September. To maintain the charming and picturesque feel that makes Nantucket so special, there aren’t many parking lots and there are no garages on the island. With thousands of visitors in the summer, parking becomes an issue. VPA’s valet service, conveniently located on Broad Street across from the Whaling Museum, provides an easy solution for visitors to enjoy their evening without the hassle of looking for parking.

Dan Caron, President Ted Changon, Jeff Belanger, and VP of Operations, Tim Graney at our downtown valet station

Rich Caron, President Ted Changon, Jeff Belanger, and VP of Operations, Tim Graney at our downtown valet station

Last year was our first year operating the town’s valet service. We sent over some of our senior employees to work this new account. Employees enjoyed the change of pace and scenery. Beach, sun, and waves; can’t beat a work location like that! Our employees came from all over our regions for the opportunity to stay in company-provided housing and work at Nantucket for summer.

Jeff Belanger and Henry Putnam at Galley Beach

Jeff Belanger and Henry Putnam at Galley Beach

We also provided valet service at one of the top restaurants on the island, Galley Beach. Restaurant guests enjoy the warm evenings overlooking the ocean while having their dinner. Providing valet service made it an even more pleasurable experience for the restaurant’s high-end clientele. Nantucket also makes for a luxurious wedding destination. Our private party valet service adds that extra measure of elegance for a Nantucket wedding.

We asked one of our employees, Henry Putnam, about his experience living on the island for a summer.

“Working on the island of Nantucket is a great summer experience, the work day starts at 5 and is usually done by midnight. The shifts are consistently busy so it goes by quickly.  In daytime there is plenty to do! Lots of nice beaches to visit and the days are beautiful, rarely humid or hotter than 85 degrees, most days are sunny and high 70s. The island has a vibrant young crowd with lots of fun people to meet, be it vacationers or other people working the summer on island. There is a live music venue, disc golf, bike trails and lots more. Absolutely take a bike, it’s a small island and a bike ride downtown is only 10 minutes, that said there are so many places to go! Lots of amazing scenery and best of all, no mosquitos!”

Some of our crew last year enjoying some downtime at the beach with President Ted Chagnon

Some of our crew last year enjoying some downtime at the beach with President Ted Chagnon

Johnny Inthaphiou, our Hartford Training Manager, spent some time last year working on the Island.  He shared with us his experience.

“My time in Nantucket was memorable to say the least. Being afforded the opportunity to work abroad as an ambassador for the company I wasn’t really sure what to expect. After a very short scenic ferry ride we arrived to the hustle and bustle of mid day activity in down town Nantucket. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and excitement while the air held scents of the surrounding saltwater and freshly prepared food.

The duration of my trip was filled with pleasant surprises. I was completely unaware of Nantucket’s rich history being at one point the whaling capital of the world. The cobblestone streets and the uniform construction of the houses with the cedar shingles almost takes you back to that point in time. The beaches were like that out of a pamphlet for an exclusive island getaway thousands of miles away. Sunsets had to be the island’s bread and butter, I’ve traveled to many corners of the world and would rate Nantucket high up on my list of beautifully preserved natural experiences.

The people are friendly, inviting strangers to sit and drink or play a game of sand bag toss or Frisbee. The food although has its pricey spots can be budgeted out to be fairly close to what you would expect to pay in a downtown area of any bigger city on the mainland.”

Whether you are visiting, living on the island, or working on Nantucket, it makes for a great and memorable summer. We are all excited for the 2013 season and can’t wait to see what is in store!


We are currently hiring for our Nantucket account. If working at the beach for the summer, meeting new people, enjoying the outdoors, and earning some great extra cash interests you, apply at the following link. www.ValetParkofAmerica.com/employment.


VPA Attends Connecticut Job Fairs

VPA would like to extend our thanks to Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, Connecticut for inviting us to their Job Fair today! The event had a great turnout. Located right in-between our Springfield and Hartford locations, ACC is a great location for us to recruit potential candidates for both areas. Job seekers in the Enfield and Windsor area have the option of working in Springfield, MA or Hartford, CT – or both! The ability to work in multiple locations can add a nice change of pace to a person’s work week. Our HR team looks forward to reviewing the qualifications of the individuals we met at today’s job fair!

Job seekers in Southern Connecticut can catch VPA at Norwalk Community College today as well, until 3:30 PM!

Looking for a job? If you are interested in working in any of our locations, mentioned in this post and beyond, contact jobs@valetparkofamerica.com for an opportunity!