Earth Day: VPA Office Staff Finds a Way to Give Back

Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate earth, our environment, and all it does for us. As a way to give back, HR Specialist, Kelly Broderick and Marketing Manager, Ally Montemagni decided to arrange a dress down day to raise money to buy some flowers, pots, and soil. Office employees donated towards this cause in exchange for the privilege of dressing down on the Friday before Earth Day. Together Kelly, Ally, HR Manager, Mark Macero, and Administrative Assistant, Tina Courchesne, planted the flowers outside of our main office.

Kelly and Olivia digging a spot for the pot.

Kelly and Olivia arrange the flower pots along our Main Office walkway.


Some of the nice bright flowers that we planted today- spring has sprung!

“Kelly and I wanted to give back. Working in a corporate office, going through paper is inevitable. We decided to give back for Earth Day by planting some flowers outside of our office.  It was a beautiful day outside! It is a good day to reflect and remember the importance of caring for our earth.” stated Ally.

HR Manager, Mark Macero, making a spot to put his flower pot

HR Manager, Mark Macero, making a spot to put his flower pot.


The organizers of our Earth Day project, Kelly and Ally!

We wanted to take the opportunity to bring our office staff together while giving back to the environment, so we also organized a pot luck lunch. Members of our office brought in various dishes, including meatballs, pasta salad, tossed salad, home-made cookies, and fruit smoothies. The food was great! The office employees were able to enjoy a few moments away from their desks, enjoying the nice weather and great food, all while contributing to the environment and improving the appearance of our corporate headquarters. It was a wonderful way to bring in the Spring season!

Tina and Mark adding some color to our front walkway.

Tina and Mark adding some color to our front walkway.

Thank you to all of our office staff who made this celebration possible. The flowers we were able to purchase with your donations make a beautiful addition to our office’s landscape and the city’s environment.

Do you have an Earth Day story to tell? Comment below and let us know!

Happy Earth Day!